Reimagining the clinical dialogue

Did you know the pager is still the primary communication tool used in most hospitals worldwide?

We think pagers still have a role to play in healthcare, but as a backup rather than a first line communication tool.

So we’ve developed Medtasker, an integrated care coordination platform for hospitals.

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  • Getting rosters right:
    with self-assign, you can see who’s working in real-time.

    When starting a shift, clinicians assign themselves to their role with a few taps. They are then visible in the Medtasker On-Duty Directory, and can receive and accept tasks.

  • A searchable and up-to-date directory of on-duty clinicians.

    Clinicians are easy to contact with Medtasker’s centralised directory. Half days, shift swaps and leave are all reflected in real time.

    Medtasker’s On-Duty Directory allows other clinical systems to send notifications and alerts to the right on-duty doctor.

  • Clinicians can manage their workload on the go with Medtasker’s smartphone app.

    Acknowledge tasks upon receipt and tick them off when done. Share tasks with your colleagues, and balance your team’s workload as needed.

    Closed-loop communication improves efficiency and care coordination.

  • Configure Medtasker’s alerts and escalations to meet your hospital’s needs.

    Options include how much time elapses before sending a reminder, and whether to send notifications to the smartphone, pager, or both. Medtasker seamlessly fits with your hospital’s processes.

  • Identify deteriorating patients in real-time with Medtasker

    Alert staff if patients meet pre-MET criteria, and configure your dashboard to display patients at risk of deterioration. Our smart automation improves safety and reduces the cognitive load for clinicians.

  • Get 360 degree vision on how your teams are working.

    Improve clinical resource management with real-time visualisation of team workloads. Unlike traditional paging systems, Medtasker can provide an audit trail of all tasks as they are sent, acknowledged and completed.

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Doctors look at Medtasker on smartphone together

More than just paging...

ISBAR-structured tasks. Sent to the right clinician, the first time.

Same message on different devices

Structured messages

Structured messaging can reduce communication errors by over 60%.

Ensure clinicians receive critical information needed to prioritise tasks and deliver timely care. Improve clinical handover and compliance with NSQHS Standard 6.

Responsive devices



Medtasker is available on iOS, Android, Windows and the web.

Problem solving with Medtasker

Your communication problems.


  • Problem

    Miscommunication or delayed treatments
    because pager message is missing critical information, such as call-back number

    Problem 1
  • Solution

    Medtasker Structured Paging
    provides you the critical information needed to make rapid clinical decisions

    Solution 1
  • Problem
  • Solution

  • Problem

    Difficulty referring or escalating issues
    when switchboard provides incorrect contact details for on-duty clinicians

    Problem 2
  • Solution

    Medtasker On-Duty Directory
    is easy to search, updated in real time, and improves hospital efficiency and clinician accountability.

    Solution 2
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Problem

    Clinical errors and delayed treatment
    due to frequent interruptions by low-priority pager messages

    Problem 3
  • Solution

    Medtasker Automated Escalations
    reduce unnecessary interruptions while ensuring tasks don’t slip through the cracks. These escalations are configured to your hospital’s processes.

    Solution 3
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Problem

    Poor care coordination
    due to the uncertainty about whether pager messages have been seen or actioned

    Problem 4
  • Solution

    Medtasker Mobile Task Management
    shows when a task has been accepted or completed by clinicians. Also, teams can balance and manage their workload through task distribution.

    Solution 4
  • Problem
  • Solution
Our Technology
Doctor at desktop computer


Integrates seamlessly with existing hospital systems, including PAS (Patient Administration System), the paging system and Active Directory.

User Friendly

Intuitive and easy to use desktop and mobile applications that work everywhere: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and the web.

Meaningful Support

24/7/365 SLA-based support from people who really care.


Configure the Medtasker platform to complement your hospital’s operations and processes.


All communications using Medtasker are encrypted end-to-end.

Deployment Options

On site or remotely hosted. Choose the option which works best for you.


Medtasker is built upon a redundant and fault-tolerant infrastructure with replicated servers and databases.

Audit Trail

A complete audit trail of tasks are kept, including who created, accepted or completed a task, and when.

Get in touch to learn more about our technology

Clinicians love Medtasker

  • None of the nurses appeared to have any trouble with it as far as learning how to use it and trying the app out. I don't think the Medtasker team could have been any more supportive. The response time was so quick. We'd love to work with them again.
    Anne F. / Nurse Unit ManagerMedtasker Trial
  • Overall it was really good. I really liked having more information than what is on the typical pager. I thought it was very easy to use, very easy to navigate, very easy to assign yourself.
    Amanda M. / DoctorMedtasker Trial
  • I think it would be awesome if everyone started using it. There is so much you could do with this. The paging system is ancient. This is what we need!
    Richard S. / DoctorMedtasker Trial

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