Transform your hospital's communications

Medtasker is a mobile communication and task management platform that ensures the right message gets to the right clinician, the first time.

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Improve Patient Safety

Medtasker addresses:

  • The risks and inefficiencies of pagers and unclear escalation pathways
  • The needs of hospital at night programs
  • Delayed or missed care due to test results not being received by the appropriate staff

Increase Hospital Efficiency

Medtasker addresses:

  • Lack of visibility into, and inability to manage staff workloads
  • Poor coordination due to multiple siloed systems
  • Missed revenue due to poor capture of compensable patient services

Minimise Medicolegal Risk

Medtasker addresses:

  • Inappropriate storage of patient information and clinical photos on personal devices
  • The unsanctioned use of WhatsApp and SMS
  • Issues with capturing and auditing communication and escalation activities


  • On-Duty Directory

    A searchable and up-to-date listing of working staff that enables Medtasker to send notifications and alerts to the right person, the first time.

  • Clinical Photography

    Obtain second opinions on clinical photographs in a secure and privacy-compliant way.
    You can also choose to upload them to the EMR.

  • Automated Escalations

    Configure Medtasker alerts and escalations to meet your hospital's needs.
    Medtasker can also escalate to a pager.

  • Mobile Task Management

    Staff can manage their workload on the go with the Medtasker smartphone app, improving efficiency and care coordination.

  • Result Notifications

    Test results are delivered directly to the on-duty clinician's phone to ensure their timely action.
    No more missed or forgotten results.

  • Insights & Reporting

    Improve resource management with real-time visualisation of team workloads.
    Medtasker also provides a full audit trail of communications.

Our Technology


Integrates seamlessly with existing hospital systems, including PAS, EMR, pathology, radiology, paging systems and Active Directory.


Intuitive and easy to use desktop and mobile applications that work everywhere: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and the web.


Configure the Medtasker platform to complement your hospital’s operations and processes.

Meaningful Support

24x7 SLA-based support from people who really care.


All communications using Medtasker are encrypted end-to-end.

Deployment Options

On site or remotely hosted. Choose the option which works best for you.


Medtasker is built upon a redundant and fault-tolerant infrastructure with replicated servers and databases.

Audit Trail

A complete audit trail of tasks are kept, including who created, accepted or completed a task, and when.

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